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굴절력 측정



Spherical (S + C)-18.00D to +23.00D (in 0.25D increment)


Cylinder0 to +12D or 0 to -12D (in 0.25D increment)


Cylinder axis1 to 180° (in 1° increment)


Minimum pupil sizeΦ 2.3 mm (Auto Quick)


Vertex distance0, 12 mm adjustable


각막곡률 측정



Radius of curvature 5.00 to 11.00 mm (in 0.01 mm increment)


Corneal astigmatism In 0.25D increment


Cylinder axis1 to 180° (in 1° increment)CenterΦ3.2 mm (R8 mm)


PeripheralΦ6.8 mm (R8 mm) (25° vertical/horizontal)





Kerato and Refract (continuous) 0.34 sec. per indication (continuous)


Kerato alone 0.2 sec. per indication (continuous)


Refract alone 0.14 sec. per indication (continuous), 0.07 sec. (Quick)


Pupil size measurement time+0.27 sec./1 time


Dimensions (main body only)170(W) x 230(H) x 240(D) mm


WeightApprox. 999 g (with battery) (Battery alone: Approx. 100 g

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